Monday, February 7, 2011


(J) So we got another brat.

(V) If by "brat" you mean lovey ball of cuddles, then yes, we did.

(J) If by "lovely ball of cuddles" you mean ankle biting, face sitting on, purr-tacking monstrosity then yes, we did.

(V) Hint to those of you who don't talk to us much: He's a cat, not a baby. However, we WILL train our future children to bite ankles as quickly as possible so that they can defend themselves.

(J) Well, more like slobber with toothless gums. Unless they come with sharp teeth, which wouldn't surprise me since Vilja's a vampire.

(V) And Jordan's a werewolf. And we were both zombies for Halloween. Toothless babies are useless. I expect only the best.

(J) Useless and improbable. If they come that way I'll make them some sharp glittery dentures. People will see us coming by the sparkle in our growling babies' teeth.

(J) Vilja is having a hard time one upping that.


(V) I'm still imagining babies with razor-sharp dentures of steel. So useful! I would make them earn their keep by crushing aluminum cans in their teeth at the recycling factory.

(J) And catching rodents.

(V) And shredding secret documents!

(J) And shredding rodents secretly transporting secret documents.

(V) In aluminum cans.

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Kristin Lowe said...

It's been MONTHS since you updated! I think it's time for a post :)